Who We Are

GENEX Ventures to meet the challenges of the recealing life quests of the new millennium marked with all of its digital-nano techno-advances and the wireless flow of abundant information. We provide functional solutions to the ever newer dimensions of modern-day living. It’s the fingertip of the brain of a brave new world. As its earnest beginning, we pilot GOLDEN GAINT , the REMOTE CONTROLLED GATE SYSTEM .

GOLDEN GAINT and its kin the SILVER GAINT are distinct with inherent futuristic design, well thought out technological edge and prompt delivery of service that warrant trouble-free longevity gives share. These marvel -of- design pieces of remote accessing system work on reliable radio signal controlled command being delivered by remote switches. This system is unhindered of path obstructions.

Our Features

Digital Radio Receiver

The remote control equipment’s can function in any direction , even from behind a building , as it functions on digital radio signals. Stop stretching your hands to aim anymore.

Over load sensory protection system

The Giants are super sensitive, if manually obstructed gates will stop moving. Don’t be afraid of brutal accidents.

Transmitter and Receiver

With an easy flick you can change the lever to switch on to manual operation mode and vice versa.

Low power consumption

Giants are fed by 12 volt rechargeable batteries. Their power consumption does not exceed that of your mobile phone.

Easy release lever

With an easy flick you can charge the lever to switch on to manual operation mode and vice versa.

Friction- forget system for a decade

Giants look after themselves, to be smooth and frictionless, for a decade believe it, they live in a friction free world.

Access intimation synchronizer

The moment the giants get command they ring calling bells to say “The Master is coming”. Be prepared, they are loyal and punctual.

Warranty for 1 year And AMC for 10 years

Our Gaints stand guard for long ., with standing showery storms, chilling winter and scorching summer. Still , we offer one year warranty and two years AMC.


Our Innovations